Sicily Healing & Love Center

The Sicily Healing & Love Center TM -  is an ideal retreat for adults only, situated in the beautifully secluded Sicilian village of Mondello. A luxurious treasure nestled close to a physically gorgeous and intimately sensual series of beaches,  gently caressed each day by the warm waters of the clear green Eolian sea,. It is here where we have chosen to evolve a relaxed and well equipped resort.  Here in this beautiful and secluded enclave of the famous Capo Gallo nature reserve, situated between the natural YIN of this back to nature paradise that is the Isola delle Femmine to the west and the imposing and decadent YANG that makes up the dark and radiantly powerful soul which is  Palermo just a few kilometres to the east.
We have confidence in our choice because we feel that after searching years for just the right combination of factors in order to enhance the experience, this out of all the places we have considered, this land on which has been placed in history and baptised  Mondello is such an incredible area, meeting all of our and ulitrimatly your needs, at the same time geographically, historically and  geologically - for it is here within this famous 'Blue zone' that you will feel  directly connected to that incredible energy and all cannons of beauty which can be so hard to describe in words but once felt, can never be forgotten. 
Creative souls have visited here in recent years and found themselves gently awoken by its soft kiss raising once more their human soul that which is so often forgotten and locked within that cage which can so easily become our day to day lives.  Poets and artists of all types have found themselves here a place and been carried through time, producing extraordinary works of art that can now be seen all over the world, so it is here that you will also can learn, as they have learnt before you and feel as they felt such a connected oneness, all this while immersing yourself in the warm waters which flow around and lift this Island through legend and mythography, both at sun set or sun birth, feeling the breeze which blows like breath across the mouths of a volcano or two also ruffles the leaves of the olive groves is the same zephyr that lifts the bees to do their work, feel as it threads its way through  your hair and inflates your lungs into song, helping you  to acquire new tastes or even to reactivates older ones. Here  you will be sampling a new pace of life by which to set the chords of your heart and by  letting yourself float freely  into the experience for at least for the time of a vacation. You will return to your life and your castles with a new outlook and ready to win, knowing that whenever you choose Mondello will be waiting inside you...
This experience which we offer in the sleepy yet vibrant Mondello, a destination which so few consider when coming here yet once visited, always takes the center stage!  A destination that few know, but whom many appreciate and often return. 
This is a destination that is for the most part - unknown - but one that is truly and magical once you arrive.  I love it. We love it. Our family loves it.  You will love it. 

Guests: 30
Bedrooms: 15
Bathrooms: 18
Position: Beach
Sea distance: 30 meters Km
Style: Luxury
Weekly price: min: € 200 - max: € 300
Private & Secluded Gardens
Minutes from the Beach
Incredible Healthy Diet

Amenities & Facilities

  • Air Conditioning
  • Balcony
  • BBQ
  • Kitchen
  • Private Garden
  • Sea-View
  • Swimming Pool
  • Terrace
  • TV
  • Washing Machine
  • WiFi

Healing in Paradise

An Ancient Paradise

Residents of the "Blue Zones" live in very different parts of the world and Sicily is one of them! The Blue Zone countrieds have nine commonalities that lead to longer, healthier and happier lives!" Imagine a place with no senior homes, where elders stay active and enjoy a moderate daily intake of red wine. Welcome to Mondello and the Italy Education Center in Sicily!

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Life in the Blue

One hundred years old: It’s an age most people, including the average North American won’t reach yet certain areas in the world are hotspots for centenarians. To find out why that is, National Geographic and a research team headed by Dan Buettner set out to learn about the five original places on earth where a demographic tends to live considerably longer than the rest of the world — those places are called Blue Zones.

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Located on the Italian island of Sicily, Mondello is a small villagehome to a population where one in 600 people reach the age of 100. That number may not seem like much at first, but when you compare it to Saskatchewan a norther Province in Canada or many other states in the central North American region where approximate centenarian rate from the 2011 Census of one in 3,226 (the highest in North America), it’s impressive. The criteria for becoming a Blue Zone is having a centenarian rate that is an astounding three times higher than the national average.

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Where better to learn to love, laugh and begin again than in an oasis unlike any other?

The island of Sicily and the various islands that surround it are a unique BLUE ZONE in the world. The idea of a Blue Zones is an anthropological concept that describes the characteristic lifestyles and the environments of the world's longest-lived people. The term first appeared as an international concept in the November 2005 National Geographic magazine cover story "The Secrets of a Long Life" by Dan Buettner.

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