Elements In A Dissertation: Get To Know The Structure

What you are about reading will go all the way to answer all the questions that bother on the structure of a dissertation that will give the results that mattered during the writing of a dissertation. No matter is deep the data and organization of it; if the elements that mattered are not properly included in the dissertation, then the high marks that will give credit to the work of each student will not be achieved. 

The core elements that should be included in the dissertation are discussed below.

Dissertation title

The starting point and the most important element is the title of the dissertation which goes all the way to tell your readers what the paper is all about. It serves the purpose of locating your study by others as well as guidelines for the research that you are about to carry out.


This is a brief description of your dissertation work and it should not be more than 350 words in total. It is a concise summary of what the study is all about. The abstract will prepare the minds of the readers for what they are going to read in the body of the paper.

Table of contents

This will go all the way to confer organization on your work. It gets the work organized and makes it easy for the readers to navigate through the works of the writer.


This is where you are going to introduce your dissertation to every willing reader. It is expected of every student to make an impression here is they wanted the reader to consider them seriously. There should be sub-headings here that go all the way to describe in brief what is expected in the body of the research.

Literature review

The review of the literature of the works that have been done by other scholars is carried out here. This section revolves around historical events and study objectives. Do not fall into the mistake of using too many quotes here. Providing critical analysis of works of several authors in support of your point of argument will do the trick.


There are several of such that you can use to achieve the results. Students need to stick to a particular methodology that will confer legit on their work. The research process adopted must be comprehensively described in a way that will make it possible for it to be used for further research works. The style adopted must be able to test every research hypothesis and go all the way to answer all the research questions.


After making a careful analysis of the data collected, the student is expected to present their findings after extensive analysis under this section of the paper. 


This is the last chapter and the last element that must be included in the dissertation. 

The summary of the study and the results obtained will be interpreted here. The conclusions derived are also stated here. A statement that calls for future research to better the outcome of the research will be given here.

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