Writing A Thesis Defense Paper: Basic Guidelines

Writing a thesis is a laborious job, but you are not actually required to turn the semantics of the topic upside down. For useful writing ideas, please visit blog at ThesisGeek.com and get inspiration for your papers. A thesis is your take on a subject or a theme and how you carry your view with logical arguments.

Defending your choices

Of course, you will require proper defense for the sustenance of your thesis. You need to impress upon others the value of your piece as also the characters you have utilized to strengthen the cores. The defense is in regard to what you have chosen and why.

Defense comes later

Your defense will naturally come only after you have presented your thesis in a systemized way. When you have done that, you need to pick the pieces; especially from the Methodology and Analysis section.

Choosing among options

In the Methodology section, you need to defend your selection of a particular method and why certain another method won’t have given consummate results. The reason may be many; inadequate method, unfeasible method or time-taking method. The defense will take many comparisons in its groove.

Presenting other options

You may also open up a new inquiry by explaining how a particular process could also present an organized conclusion. This would be for the benefit of those who will take the same subject. You need to pick those topics with which you have had a direct connection; even if that is not always possible.

Defending the conclusion

Now, your conclusion could have gone any other way or taken any other route. You need to thus defend why you chose that particular conclusion. Why do you think it is more relevant and believable than others in the rote? The defense has to be articulate and convincing.

Resources come next

You also need to defend the resources, if you chose certain archaic or uncommon ones for your thesis. Your piece carries a standing motif and you need to convince readers that the resources do justice to that motif, which is why you picked them in the first place.

Your choice of topic

You may even have to defend why you chose that particular topic when there were others floating around you. What was special or pertinent about the topic that commanded your attention? Thus, the defense has to be subjective.

Gain authority

It naturally follows that you cannot script a proper defense without being extremely well versed with the thesis. Thus, spend time on its influence, existence, sustaining power and impact. Gather information from all odds and ends and become an authority on the theme.

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