A Hand-Picked List Of Dissertation Topics In Computer Science

Deciding on a dissertation topic can sometimes turn out to be in itself a very stressful task. You haven’t even started writing or researching, and you feel overwhelmed. Simplify the start of your dissertation by browsing this list of topics, hand-picked by writing professionals from https://www.thesishelpers.com:

List of Computer Science Topics

  1. Detecting cheating in online game based on the user’s behaviour patterns.
  2. Software design conflicts: How to proactively detect them.
  3. How does data transform into dynamic decision making?
  4. Spatial queries and how to scale their parallel processing.
  5. A structure for energy efficient mobile execution and design.
  6. The implementation of dart matches analysis on a video basis.
  7. Web cross-referencing and its use in tracking and identifying online identities.
  8. Modifications in the speech manipulator tool and its ramifications.
  9. Speech training through the aid of karaoke and its major elements.
  10. Sudoku Solver: Removing the need for guesses and dead ends.
  11. Summarising the news or reviews in the comments of a social media post.
  12. Privacy and electronic record; an application for protection.
  13. Tour application for campuses, houses, and other locations; a model.
  14. Effective and efficient methods of analysis of data on social media networks.
  15. Facial expressions and the recognition of emotions via the lens of the camera.
  16. Software development process and the elimination of risks.
  17. Designing an information system for an oil storing company; the perks and pitfalls.
  18. Intelligent Marketing; how far does it go and how to curb its effects.
  19. Using inter-organizational communication by implementing a strict IT system.
  20. Complex hierarchical structures and bring them to visualization.
  21. Biological data and how to classify, cluster and data-mine it.
  22. Embedded system applications and testing out their characteristics, qualities and features.
  23. The use and benefit of support vector machines in managing large quantities of data.
  24. GUI Test Suites; a model structure on how to automate their repair process.
  25. Using protein structures and sequences to recognize gene transfers.

Your dissertation is pretty much the culmination of your entire student career, if not your entire life. It represents you both academically and personally. It is needless to say then that it does require a lot of work regarding research, brainstorming and finding the perfect topic. With the above list of fine-tuned topics for computer science, there’s sure to be one that matches you flawlessly.

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